Counties Work

Updated for 2017! In Counties Work, students learn about local government by playing a county official responding to citizen requests. They must keep citizens happy and manage county resources responsibly. Are citizens making sensible requests? Which department of local government has the solution? Do taxes need to be raised or lowered to keep a balanced budget? How will citizens react—and what’s the best action when crisis strikes? Challenges come from all directions in this fast-paced game!

This game was made with support from the National Association of Counties.


Counties Connect
Counties Connect

Successfully serve 50 residents across all sessions in Counties Work.

Field of Dreams
Field of Dreams

Who doesn't love a good game? Nobody, so build a stadium in Counties Work!

County Construction
County Construction

Please pardon our dust. Construct at least six new buildings in Counties Work.


Complete Counties Work without assigning a single resident request to the wrong department.


Rank Username Score
11 State Pilot u3o4 4,800
12 Emerald Citizen g7n6 4,800
13 Crimson Lawyer p4i5 4,773
14 Green Scientist u0o7 4,773
15 Peach Developer 2324 4,773
16 Peach Volunteer 494 4,773
17 Navy Clerk 6o6v 4,770
18 Country Official 6r2e 4,760
19 Maple Lawyer g8z9 4,760
20 Red Executive 2q9n 4,760
Rank Username Score
11 Grape Investigator 6h4o 4,973
12 Gray Citizen 9x4f 4,973
13 Garnet Printer 1r9l 4,973
14 Town Artist l8v9 4,973
15 Garnet Printer 1r9l 4,960
16 Ruby Attorney 1h1w 4,960
17 Quartz Coach 3j9k 4,960
18 Marble President 5l8m 4,947
19 Green Policeman 4i0v 4,947
20 Oak Mayor 9n3g 4,933